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Ill never know. Reed is trying to break a record of 510 miles in the six day race, set in 2001. Shell need to run 85 miles a day, and according to a press release sent out by Newton shoes, her sponsor, shell sleep all of about one to four hours a night. Think about that on your long run this weekend. —JUSTIN NYBERG. President Obama and his team planned numerous activities for Earth Day. While he toured Iowas Trinity Structural Towers to replica Chanel J12 H1007 Men's Watch promote his energy plan, a team of his secretaries testified before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee. Environmental guru Van Jones appeared on talk shows further promoting the administrations plans for green jobs and economic stimulus opportunities.

Features include a Napoleon pocket for your cell phone and ID, soft fabric on the inside of the neck, and stretchy fabric for your every move.I have to be honest about this last one. Ive actually had the chance to test the womens version of Lafumas Speed Trail shoe ($110). These trail runners are meant for short to medium distances but Ive actually hiked 15 miles in these bad boys. Theyre stable, breathable, lightweight, supportive, and protective. replica Chanel J12 H0970 Men's Watch My only gripe? Ive had pebbles work their way into the ankle. But the grippy outsole gets the job done (very well)

By Stephen RegenoldIt is a foreign concept to most climbers in America. But in Europe, a mountaineering discipline called via ferrata -- Italian for iron way -- is an immensely popular way to get off the ground.Developed during World War I as a method to move troops through the Dolomite Mountains in Italy, via ferrata routes add artificial replica Chanel J12 H0940 Men's Watch features like ladder rungs, bolts, bridges, and cables to blank mountain walls.Today, via ferrata is a bonafide sport in the Alps, where hundreds of routes grant access to cliffs and mountain peaks. On a recent trip to Switzerland, I clipped in to a via ferrata cable to give the sport a try.

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It is nice to see that watch makers take an interest in their customers and realise that they do have women customers too. This Odins watch is finished off in white, but to blend in the firm have used brilliant blue LED’s that go in so well a replica Chanel J12 H1634 Men's Watch cool theme for women to wear. Product FeaturesQuality Quartz Movement with Digital DisplayDurable Mineral CrystalSolid stainless steel case constructionLeather strap with buckle claspWater-Resistant to 99 feet (30 M)Priced at $229 After days of boating, my feet can get pretty nasty if I spend too long in the water with sandals on.

The hydrophobic shoes dont only ward of water to begin with--the drainage holes makes sure it stays out. Spider rubber keeps your outsoles sticking to slippery rocks and are durable and toothy enough to go for side hikes. And at the end of the day, wearing shoes that encase your feet will keep them from getting beat up. Outdoor Researchs replica Chanel J12 H1626 Men's Watch Cirque Jacket ($125) comes in a mens and womens version (pictured, at right). This adorable soft shell hits stores in Spring 2011 and comes with all the bells and whistles you need for a late spring ski tour or a chilly morning hike.

Running a 10k on the track is hard enough for most people. Its a little more than 24 laps on the track. Lap 10 is pretty much like lap 11. Lap 14 and 15 have a tendency to blend together with no one really noticing. Lap 18 is downright forgettable. How about running over 512 laps around a one-mile track, more or less nonstop, over six days? replica Chanel J12 H1625 Ladie's Watch Ultramarathoner Pam Reed, 48, is going to give it a go at something called the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Race on April 26 in Queens, NY. Apparently, running that far in one big push is a powerful spiritual exercise.

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This is a very exciting watch that uses a hybrid LED multicolour display and LED lights to display the time. Once mastered the telling the time is easy. However, what is impressive is the large display that can be change to one of six colours, blue, green, cyan, red, pink or yellow. The colour can be changed to suit the user’s mood or even to what clothes they are wearing at the time. Features of the Nekura ScrambleDisplays the replica Chanel J12 H1628 Men's Watch timeAlarm modeHybrid LCDMulti-LED displayMaximum wrist size: 190 mm (approx.)Case Dimensions: 22 mm x 30 mmWeight: 100 gramsWater resistance: 3ATMJapanese and English instructionsOne year warranty$72.36

Avoid sharing towels, athletic gear, and water bottles. Its nice your gym provides towels for you, but you dont know whats living in them. Better to bring your own.4. Separate your workout clothes from everything else.Best to keep your sweaty clothes in another bag entirely, but if you dont want to look like a your snagging bags, put your wet replica Chanel J12 H0682 Ladie's Watch stuff in a plastic grocery bag first. There, you just recycled.5. Avoid whirpools and common tubs.If you have any scratches, scrapes or wounds, stay away from group whirpools and tubs--you never know what could be swirling around in there.As Steven M. Zinder, a trainer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and chief author of the new , said in the NYT article, “It’s what we all learned — or should have learned — in sixth-grade health class.”--Erin Beresini

Not only is Salt Lake City swathed in warm temperatures, the outdoor industry has also arrived en masse for Outdoor Retailer 2010 Summer Market. Tomorrow, Outside editors (myself included) will start to scour the showroom floor for spring 2011s hottest new products by visiting booths like the North Face, Sierra Designs, C4 Waterman, replica Chanel J12 H0968 Ladie's Watch Patagonia, and many more.Weve already gotten wind of items that are considered to be heros of the showroom floor. Interested in what weve gotten word of? Here are a few things that I personally cant wait to see in person.Im betting Tevas Gnarkosi ($100) is the answer to river guide feet.

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You got yourself to the gym. Thats great. But did you ever think how your effort to stay fit might lead you into a fight against infection? The National Athletic Trainers Association published a this June explaining how to avoid catching the skin diseases (MRSA, herpes) that spread in gyms. We first saw it in this New York Times article and wanted to bump down the lessons from the NATA to the basics. Presenting five tips to keep your replica Chanel J12 H0969 Men's Watch skin happy and healthy when you work out. Soak it in, then sweat away.1. Wash your hands.So your mom told you that a thousand times, but she was right. Wash your hands with antimicrobial soap after you touch the gym equipment.

A slew of international agencies and rescue services, including the Danish Air Force, the US National Guard, and even NASA, mobilized to find the man, who was recovered on April 18 shaken but alert.The NSF has not released details about how replica Chanel H2004 Men's Watch the man became lost or how far he was from the Summit station when he was rescued. He is currently recovering in a hospital in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital.Sean Brander 2. Shower right when youre done working out.

No photos have been released of Tyler Bradts kayaking descent of the massive Paulose Falls. But you can listen to John Grace from Lunch Video Magazine interview filmmaker Rush Sturges, who filmed Tylers descent and just release his new film the Africa replica Chanel J12 H0685 Men's Watch Revolutions Tour. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the promo of their latest video.Kyle Dickman Wash up ASAP with antimicrobial soap. Dont forget to thoroughly wash your undercarriage and between your toes. 3. Dont share.No, youre not being a jerk.


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The boots will cost $150 when they debut later this year with Keens coldweather line.Wenger RangerGrip 179 WPER: I may be replica A Lange & Sohne Cabaret watches biased about this knife, which is named after a race in Patagonia that I will compete in next month, but the Wenger RangerGrip 179 WPER ($72.95) is a worthy Swiss Army tool, including a wood saw, screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper, and a big serrated blade with a safety lock.

The handle has rubber inlays and is laserengraved with the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race (WPER) logo. Petzl CORE System: Bringing computer control to the category of the headlamp, Petzls CORE System is a rechargeable battery replica A Lange & Sohne 1815 watches compatible with many of the companys popular TIKKA and ZIPKA lights. Plug it into a USB computer port to charge. The ionpolymer battery can store enough power for 120 hours of operation. Soon to come: Petzl will add an application for users to set up custom battery power and light strength via a control panel on their computer screen.

CamelBak Roulette, Pit Boss Packs: These are a pair of winter hydration packs for backcountry skiers and snowboarders. The womens replica rolex Datejusts watches Roulette and mens Pit Boss backpacks include the requisite CamelBak hydration hose and reservoir, plus adjustable carrying straps for skis or a snowboard on back. Both packs have a shovel pocket and places to stow climbing skins, an avalanche probe, goggles, and other backcountry essentials. Available for next years ski season at $100.Stephen Regenold writes about outdoors gear at .